Massage has a calming effect on the nervous system. As a result of the massage, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which counterbalances the body's negative responses to stress, relieves muscle tension, promotes the restoration of normal heart rhythm, blood pressure and circulation, in a word, magically eliminates or at least alleviates the harmful effects of stress.

As a result of regular massage, muscle tension is relieved, and thanks to the increase in metabolism, the flexibility and performance of the muscles increases. Tired muscles regenerate faster, thanks to which endurance improves. Unpleasant complaints will disappear, and you will become more energetic and persistent as a result of more flexible muscles and joints. This is especially important if you exercise regularly.

If you are stressed a lot, you almost certainly don't sleep well, not to mention that aching limbs also make it difficult to sleep peacefully. Thanks to the soothing effect of the massage, the rhythm of the body also slows down, blood pressure drops, breathing becomes more regular, thus opening the way to peaceful sleep.

Lack of sleep, a one-sided diet, low water consumption and a sedentary lifestyle all contribute to skin wrinkling and the development of cellulite. During the massage, the capillary vessels in the skin expand, the cells have easier access to oxygen, so toxins are eliminated faster. Thanks to this, the skin tightens spectacularly, and we can also say goodbye to skin dryness.